ANV- 17WNVR9116-P16 POE

Thu Thao 0949.809.837
Mr. Ky 0949.219.319

Mô tả

Standard H.265 high profile compression format
Network Input 16 channel IP / 16 channel support POE Playback max: 16CH
Resolution/FPS: 25/30f/s 1M/1.3M/2M/3M/4M/5M
Record Stream : Dual stream recording
Output HDMI×1 :4K×2K /1920×1080/1280×1024
Audio input: 8 CH IPC/ Audio output: RCA×1
Alarm input: 16CH / Alarm output: 4CH
bandwith in/out : 160Mb
Mobile support : iOS, Andriod ; Max 10 users online
Onvif 2.2/ 2.4 function, USB 2.0×2; DDNS. IE9/IE10,apple PC. Embedded Linux OS/ Case 2.0 U
Support 4pcs HDD 6TGb SATA
Power Supply: 12V/5A; ≤ 5W ( without HDD )
Work Environment: -10 ~ 50 ℃,10% ~ 90% humidity


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